Sunday, October 26, 2008

Where Do I Begin?

There has been so much going on in these past few weeks, or month I might say. Between all the newness of knowing I'm now having a girl, looking for a house, and work being work, I have barely been off my feet these days. So lots to report on!

First things first, Ian and I bought a house finally! YEAH!!!!! I never thought I would get to this point in my life; it always seemed so far away, but with a baby on the way, and fortunate circumstances in my life where I had the funds to do so, as well as it being a buyers market, we knew now was as good a time as any. I found the house while I went on a house hunting spree with my relator when Ian was away in Iowa, and came across a house on the Northeast side that I really liked, but it wasn't really on my radar until I actually got to go inside and see how great it was. It desperately needed cleaning and some small other details, but I saw the potential right away. When Ian finally got to see it with me, he agreed. We made an offer the next day and closed after a few counter offers the following morning. It feels so good to know its mine, that I own something and I can put all the love, work and passion that I want into it. Here is a photo of the front:

I love the kitchen!!

Our close date is November 21st and we can not wait to start painting! Let me know if you are interested in joining the paint party. :)

On to baby stuff. Not much new, but I am growing everyday. I am happy to say I don't suffer from headaches as frequently and I feel pretty good for the most part, but I do have some trouble sleeping. I don't wake up very often to go to the bathroom, which is nice, but I am suffering when it comes to sleeping on my side. They say the best side to sleep on is your left, but my body clearly disagrees. I wake up to the worst ear and hip pain you could possibly imagine. Honestly, my left ear aches so bad and I can't quite figure out why. You would think I was sleeping on a brick. Its so annoying. When I am having these issues in my second trimester, I get more and more scared of reaching the third trimester every day. I'm just not looking forward to what it might bring.

So far, I've gained about 14 lbs now. That worries me a little, but it doesn't really look like I've gained that much. I'm at the halfway point though, and these last months are when the weight gain really adds on, and if I gain over 25-30 lbs, I fear its going to be really hard on me. I don't eat excessively, but sometimes it doesn't seem to matter. The weight just adds on no matter what you do. I still try to walk as much as I can, but with my busy life at this time, I can hardly find the time, and exhaustion is an issue. Here is my belly as of 22 weeks, 3 days(Bouulevard decided he wanted in on the photo):

On a fun note, when I found out I was having a girl, I went out with Christy during lunch to find something fun for the baby and ended up leaving with the coolest diaper bag I've ever seen!


It came with some great extras too: a changing pad, a bottle holder, and a zipper bag.

I guess I'm not off to a good start when I go to get something for the baby and end up buying something for myself. But I figure I might as well do that now because once she comes, it's going to be all about her.

Before I go, we went to Christy's for a Halloween party last night. Can you guess who Ian and I went as?


K.M.L said...

Juno!!!!! Love it! Very funny!

Mandy, Dustin and Thomas said...

Juno! I only knew because you told me last week. So happy for you Ian. Your belly looks so cute! I love the diaper bag....and the house, but you knew that already to!

Anonymous said...

LOL great costumes!
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whathasmydnadone said...

The diaper bag is RAD! And it's totally for the baby, not for you - it's not like you're carrying around your own diapers and bottle in that thing! And if you ARE carrying around a bottle for yourself, then there are bigger issues at hand... (kidding!!)
Love the costume, too - way to take advantage of being pregnant during Halloween!

The DeVries' said...

Too bad all you could drink were those cherry sad. I'm so happy I can finally join in on the party now! :) Love your house! Congrats...I remember buying our first house (I still miss it sometimes); good luck with all of the decorating and painting. You have to post pics of the nursery when it's finished!

Melanie said...

Omigosh! First off, love the new kitchen. Where is your new house anyway?? I want to come visit, I hear you are closer to me (babysitters!!). Second, I LOVE your costume idea. I told my college students about it and they were laughing outloud!! Your belly is getting bigger...pretty soon I will be dumping off all of the maternity clothes.

Blairbear said...

That is the best Halloween duo ever!!! You are adoreable!