Friday, July 18, 2008

Could I BE More Tired?

I haven't posted anything in a while as I've been out of Columbia at a conference in Pittsburgh since Tuesday. Its been a long week to say the least. Someone PLEASE remind me never to agree to a conference while I'm pregnant AGAIN! This is the second conference I've attended while pregnant, and each time I was surrounded by young, talented professionals who not only work hard, but play hard. The drinking that takes place at these conferences is almost astounding, but only more so to me because I am reminded everyday that I no longer CAN! On top of that, they all went to an amusement park yesterday which has some of the best roller coasters around. DO you know how much I love roller coasters??? I had to tell my boss I "don't do rides" so I could get out of it without completely spilling the beans as to the real reason. I was not ready to divulge that information yet. I need to make it to at least 12 weeks before I let anyone outside of my social comfort zone know about me.

I turned 8 weeks on Thursday. Apparently my babies eyelids are almost over the eyes and he is starting to develop fingers and toes instead of "buds." His tail has almost turned into a butt now. :) I can't wait to see him, as my long awaited appointment is this upcoming Tuesday. I will get an ultrasound, though I'm not sure how much they can tell at this point. I will get some blood tests done though, and all that other good stuff woman go through at the first prenatal checkup. My hope is to come back within two more weeks if I'll be ordered to get the NT screening again (the test that discovered Fiona's Turners).

By the way, I am more than fairly convinced I am having a boy. I have waited and waited for the morning sickness to rear its ugly head, only to feel pretty great every morning. I can get used to this! This is completely opposite of my experience last time carrying a girl, and my mom made a point that she was sick with only me and my sister, but not my brother. Sounds about right. Headaches and fatigue though, completely different story! I was barely able to keep myself awake for my morning sessions this week, which was a miserable experience. Every second I got, I was running up to my hotel room, if only for a 20 minute nap, whatever I could do to survive another hour. I met a few other pregnant women on my trip too, which was nice to relate.

Speaking of headaches, I have one so bad right now that typing is the last thing I should be doing. I will most certainly post photos after my ultrasound on Tuesday! I could use any words of encouragement at this point, as I am still very apprehensive and scared, but so excited to see my baby!


K.M.L said...

Thinking and praying for you and your baby!!!

Melanie said...

My appointment is the same day as yours! Let me know how it goes. Lets have lunch this week. I am glad that you are tired, thats a good sign!!

Mandy, Dustin and Thomas said...

Let me know how the dr appt goes. Miss you!