Sunday, July 6, 2008

Is it a Sign??

So, I already wrote a post today but I felt quite compelled to post after speaking with my mother an hour ago. We spoke yesterday for a while so I wondered what she needed to speak about today that we hadn't covered previously. She said "Well, I had a dream last night." I immediately thought back to the dream I had last night at that moment.

I dreamt I was having twins.

Before I said anything to her about it, she went on to tell me that she dreamt I was having two babies! But in her dream, I somehow managed to get pregnant "twice." I was having one baby in 7 months, and the next two months later. She said it wasn't twins though.

In my dream, I could feel both of the babies heads in my stomach (bizarre, I know). I told my mother I was having twins, but she didn't believe me! I had to take her hand and put them on both of the babies heads to convince her.

These dreams were likely happening around the same time. I am just SHOCKED. It doesn't automatically mean I am having twins, but good lord, the thought is certainly crossing my mind now!

I need to go to bed, this is just too weird!


Mandy, Dustin and Thomas said...

TWINS! How neat would that be. Maybe one of each....HA!

Melanie said...

That would be soooo awesome!! Let me know how your doc appointment goes and lets get together soon!