Tuesday, February 24, 2009

And Baby Makes Three!

Welcome to the world, Haley June!

I feel awful that I am just now updating my blog, although most of you have probably heard by now or received an update that Haley was officially born on February 18th, after a very successful inducement. There were many times in the days leading up to that date that I felt she would come, but my body was just crying wolf unfortunately.

On the morning of the 18th, Ian, my mother, and I arrived bright and early at Boone Hospital Center. When we arrived, we were informed there were several inducements taking place that morning, but we seemed to be one of the first to arrive that morning, so I was hooked up to my IV and monitors quite fast. By 7:30 am, I was receiving my Pitocin and my doctor broke my water (a very interesting experience I'll just say). At that time, I was almost 2 cm dilated and 80% effaced. I had already been having contractions before we came to the hospital and when they hooked me up to the monitor, I could see the numbers going up (before I ever got pitocin), but they only reached 70 or so, not 130 like most contractions. However, this had been going on for over a week now and if anything, Haley was more ready to get here than not! So contractions kicked in immediately after 7:30 am and I began to progress at about 1 cm ever two hours to so. I did my best to get through the contractions on my own, but by 10:30 am, I politely asked to get my epidural. I was on a short waiting list and received some medicine through my IV to take the edge off, and boy, did that do wonders!!

After recieving my epidural, I felt GREAT. However, about half an hour in, I noticed the contractions began feeling super intense again, and I knew that couldn't be normal. It seemed I didn't get a high enough dose to start off with, so the anestheiologist gave me a higher dose and I started feeling pretty good again. I was still having some trouble with pain on my left side so they moved me onto my side to help, which it did. I actually ended up taking a nap. At that time I was 6cm dilated and it felt like things were stalling a bit. Ian and my mother started to get antsy. My nap lasted for about 2 hours. When I woke up, I noticed feeling abnormal "down there." Everytime I had a contractions, I strangly felt like I might need to push, and I nonchalantly mentioned this to Ian. Not even a minute afterward, my doctor checked on me and good thing she did! I was 10 cm dilated and at 2 station! Haley was on her way out and wasn't waiting around!! I had not even had a chance to digest this before I began throwing up. Was I really about to see my daughter?!? I couldn't even believe it. And after about 10-15 minutes of pushing(with an episiotomy throw in there, ouch), she was here in all of her glory! What a beautiful baby! All of the sleepless nights, acid reflux, and emotional breakdowns proved to be worth it after all. I would not trade that moment for anything.

Now the three of us have been home for almost two weeks and things are better that I ever could have imagined! Haley is truly a wonderful baby. She feeds regularly with no problems, and has been since day 1. Breastfeeding is better than I imagined it would be. It gives me time to stare at her all day and listen to her little coos. She is a master burper too! :) She also sleeps A LOT. What else do newborns do, right? Her mornings were mixed up with her nights for a few days, but she is getting better. She rarely cries, almost to the point that I feel spoiled. She makes it pretty easy to be a mom. She does NOT like baths, but I think that will change when her cord falls off. Crying or not, she is the most amazing little thing I've ever laid eyes on and I can't believe she is ours. I love to put my finger in her hands and feel her clench them. I love to stare at her ever changing facial expressions. I love the little noises she makes when she is hungry. And dressing her in her clothes gives me such satisfaction! She is so darn cute no matter what I put her in!

I still can't believe I have another month to do nothing but focus on her- no other vacation could ever beat this!

Here are some pictures to leave you with of Haley's first few weeks:

I will try to update the blog with more pictures and updates on Haley's growth very soon!


Mandy, Dustin and Thomas said...

It will just keep getting better and better and better!!!

Mandy, Dustin and Thomas said...

Love the updates to the blog, very cute!!

The DeVries' said...

Congrats; congrats! Keep the pictures coming...I can't see enough! Your little girl is here; rejoice! Savor every moment...I know I am! Hugs!! She is BEAUTIFUL! You are such a great mommy already!

Melanie said...

Abby-She is sooo beautiful! I am glad breastfeeding is going well. I love it and it is so good for your baby.