Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Countdown Begins!

10 more days. I CANNOT BELIEVE IT! It was only a few days ago that I felt she would never get here. Then overnight, I suddenly realized the time left is quite short. Though at this point she can come at any time now, I have a sneaking suspicion she is pretty content in there and has no plans to arrive until we make her! My inducement is scheduled bright and early at 6 am on 18th, so I am pretty much planning everything around that day. Not to say that I still don't grow impatient. As Ian and I sit on the couch on this very lazy Sunday, I just want her to be with us so bad. So does Ian. He is starting to get impatient too! That is reassuring to know; sometimes I wonder if he is fully prepared for all to come. I think he is. :)

So for those I don't talk to as frequently, at my 36 week appointment, my doctor checked me for the first time and to my delight, she said I was already 1 cm dilated and 50% effaced. That is awesome news! But it got me so excited, I was for sure I had progressed more at my 37 week appt, right? Not so much. The baby's head had descended down but I had stayed the same otherwise. "I don't think she'll be coming this weekend" was what she had to say. Well, damn. And she was right obviously. Here I am, and still no baby. I do have contractions from time to time, but it is nothing too concerning. Everyone says I'll just "know" when the real ones get here, and only once have I had a contraction that was really painful, so I still am not quite sure what I'm in for.

People ask me if I'm scared for labor. Really, I don't know how to answer that question. To be perfectly honest, I sort of have this "anything goes" feeling to it. I am ready for whatever, and I'm not naive to know I will be in lots of pain, but I just have to go with it and depend on my husband and mother for the support I need to get through it. Can it be that simple? If not, oh well, but thats my attitude going into it. And getting the epidural is must. I have a pretty good pain threshold, but I know myself well, and doing the whole thing natural is just not in my game plan. And I'm not ashamed to admit that.

So its a countdown to the finish now. I am more excited than I've ever been. I can't wait to count her little toes, pinch her chubby cheeks, and kiss her face! Its going to be the best day of my life!!!


K.M.L said...

It is so exciting that she will be here soon!!!! :)

The DeVries' said...

It really will be the best day of your life---I hope she comes that day too, and that your labor won't be that long. It's wonderful that you are being induced so early in the day :) Good luck with everything; keep us updated for sure, and we are all anxiously awaiting Haley's arrival. I pray for a healthy baby and mom! Hugs!

Mandy, Dustin and Thomas said...

Yes it will be the best day of your life and every day will just keep getting better when she is here! I can't wait for Thomas to meet his girlfriend!!!

Melanie said...

Not to rain on the parade, but i was 100% effaced and 1cm dilated at 36 weeks and I had him only 2 days early! I will say, I went for a good walk with my hubby only hours before my water broke. Coincidence? I think not!