Monday, January 26, 2009

Baby Room is DONE!


Here are some pictures of Haley's wonderful abode.

well, now that the room is done and out of the way, Ian and I are getting the last minute necessities together before the little one gets here. I THINK we have everything, but can you ever be fully prepared? I am sure there is something I am missing, but I've decided that those holes can be filled down the road. I'm just fixated on her getting here now! And from the way my body has been acting, that could be sooner than later. I am definitely having contractions of some way, shape, or form on a daily basis. Some are painful, some are not. Some are long, some are short. But the main thing is they aren't consistent. And I don't want her to come yet anyway! I won't be 36 weeks until Thursday. Then, I will have my 36 week checkup and a better idea of whats going on, as I'll start having weekly visits and the doctor will check my cervix for signs. I sure would like to meet Haley sooner than later, but my doctor did at least give me great news at my last visit. No matter what, I will at least have her by the 18th of February if she has not come yet. This was for no medical reasons; I think she was a little concerned for my mental state though! At my last few visits, I've had nothing to say but how depressed and sick I am of being pregnant, and she truly felt my pain. To shave 8 days of torture and wait is a HUGE relief. Although I'd prefer not to be induced, I'm not going to be choosy! This at least gives me a clear date that I can go by to close things down at work, which is so helpful.

The days and nights are harder for me, definitely, but with the help of my husband, he really does make me see the big picture. What would I do without him???

Hope you like the room! I'll post any news come Thursday. I sure hope there is something to report- I'm getting antsy!!!


Mandy, Dustin and Thomas said...

Well you know I love the room and had already seen it in person! I know Haley is going to love it, its PERFECT, just like here mommy!!

K.M.L said...

Love the room! :)

The DeVries' said...

OMG! Love the room; I cannot wait to see what lil' Haley looks like in person!! I know she's going to be adorable...will she look like mom or dad??? :) As long as she's healthy, right? Oh, I'm so super excited for you!! I really love that baptism dress you have hanging and the pregnant Willow Tree figure..I collect those! I hope you've been informed about being induced...I wasn't and was in for a rude awakening! It can be pretty tough if you're trying not to use pain medication, so I would highly recommend an epidural! Either way, you will forget all about it by the next morning, and just be able to snuggle with your lil' babe!! You're almost there! I can't wait! Be sure to update us weekly! Good luck! (You are too lucky to have a doctor that will induce early...that's so rare! Mine made me wait until I was overdue!) :)

Melanie said...

What a cute baby room! Hang in there, girl, it won't be long now! Let me know if you need a ride to the hospital!!!
I tried to call you the other day. Give me a ring sometime.