Monday, January 12, 2009

34 the homestretch

Time seems to be flying by and standing still, all at the same time. On January 2nd, I went into St. Louis to visit family and attend two baby showers in Haley's honor. These types of events are tough for me. I get really flushed when I am surrounded by such generosity from others. But I made it through, and I can't tell you how grateful I am to have such wonderful friends who came to show their love and support for me and lil Haley. It's a great feeling and words can't describe it. It really puts so much in perspective.

My first shower was held by my Aunt Vanessa. It was very low key, mostly family and some friends from my moms work- only 10 people or so. I got lots of great things, including my car seat and stroller from my lovely grandma, an umbrella stroller from my cousin, and from my Aunt -one of my favorites- a Baby Einstein Aquarium that plays water sounds and classical music in the crib while the baby sleeps! Perfect!

Can you tell I like orange??

My mother also surprised me with this totally cute blanket that she made- I had no idea! I absolutely love it. It has little doggies on it too- gotta represent her "brothers." :)

But, thats just a sampling. I got lots of clothes, toys and other items to get me started! I felt so blessed. Thank you for a wonderful day Vanessa!

On Sunday, shower #2. We had 22 of my great friends and neighbors over to partake in another shower, held by my sister and Julia Gold (along with help from my mother). It was overwhelming! Everything from the food, the friends, and just the love I felt for my unborn child, made me feel pretty special. I could begin to tell you how much great stuff I got, but it would take me forever! Here are some pictures instead:

My other pregger friends, Missy and Gina:

Got my baby bouncer! Whoo Hoo!

The coolest burp cloth EVER, compliments of my mother!

Baby clothes make me cry every time, it never fails!!!

Thanks again to Julia and my sister for a truly special day! Mom, you rock too!

So, this past Saturday, Ian and I went to our 8 hour birthing class. I'm going to waste a lot of time talking about how STUPID this class was, but I completely regret taking it. I could have been catching up on sleep and rest, but instead, I was learning about stuff that I already know through my books, while my poor husband was forced to watch birthing videos of strangers' lady parts- oh, the torture! Oh well- we took a few tidbits of information away from it, but thats 8 hours of my life I'm never getting back!

My mom and dad are finally bringing down the crib this weekend. Yeah! The room will finally pull together and I can start putting some pictures on the wall. I had an issue with the curtains though- one was shorter than the other(which I'm sure you can tell in the photo), so I am waiting on a replacement. I'll post more when all is finished, but here is a sneak peek:

Also, I got the cutest frame from Ian's grandma for Christmas (I love ladybugs) and thought I'd put my favorite ultrasound photo of Haley there. After all, that was the day that changed my life forever...

I have a doctors appointment this Friday, which will be helpful to see where I might be at this point in the pregnancy. I have been having more frequent contractions that are hurting more than what I'm used to, but obviously too infrequent to be considered the "real thing." Not to say I'm going to be having this baby sooner than I think, but it sure gets me wondering. I'll be sure to give everyone an update, should I be surprised with anything!


Melanie said...

That bump is getting bigger!!! Congrats on all the cute stuff. We have the same stroller and we love it!

Mandy, Dustin and Thomas said...

Looking good. Can't wait to come over next week and see the room!

The DeVries' said...

Definitely showered with lots of gifts. Good for you--you deserve it! Congrats you and Ian on 6 years! I didn't think anyone our age had our 5 1/2 years beat, but you do!! You still look gorgeous girl! Can't wait to hear more updates. Dido on the birthing class. Poor guys...poor us. Seriously, when that pain hits, all bets are off and you could give a sh*t about breathing!!

Mandy, Dustin and Thomas said...

Amen to the comment above!!!