Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year, Blah Blah...

Well, my promises to continue with blog posts didn't last very long, did it? Again, it took me about 3 weeks to get around to posting again. I don't really have an excuse, other than I am terrible at this blogging routine. And I am frigging exhausted, all the time. I warned myself that I wasn't a very interesting person,but... pregnancy is quite intriguing and maybe the people in my life would like to know how its going. Well, on that note lets get you up to speed:

I am 32 weeks. I am depressed. I am fat. I am forgetful. I have baby limbs coming out of me as we speak. I am in love with this girl. I am READY!

As much as I bitch and moan, I know its all for a worthy cause, but my fuse is starting to shorten. I do have good days, but the tough, stressful days where the pain of caring around a 4 lb baby are starting to take its toll. I have been pregnant for so long, I don't even know what life was like before hand. Being pregnant beforehand and having so little time in between Fiona and Haley is probably the culprit. I've been pregnant for a whole year practically!!! Which is why I was ready to let 2008 go. It was the worst year and the best year all wrapped up into one for me. Now I'm ready to move on. 2009 is the year my first child is born, and I can not WAIT to see what it all brings. I swear, sometimes I feel like I could run when I think about the fact that I will be responsible for someones life, thats its all on me and my husband to mold her and shape her and educate her. Loving her is easy, but geez...what a load to take on! Does it all just come naturally? One only knows, and I will learn in the next few months. I can only rely on my hope and faith that it will...and the 4 baby books on my nightstand that I've yet to finish.

8 more weeks. How am I going to do it?

Here are some recent pictures of my enlarging tummy:

Probably doesn't look too different from the 28 week photos, but believe me, there is! I can feel it more than see it.

On to Christmas. We headed down to Ankeny, Iowa, which is where my husband is from, to be with my in-laws. Most of them hadn't seem me since I was 5 weeks pregnant, so it was quite a shock to see me now! I had a nice long break while there, 5 days off, and it was sooooo needed. We exchanged presents on Christmas Eve, and I must say, Haley is spoiled already. I am not surprised; this is the first grandchild for Ian's parents. Ian is the oldest in his family; I am the youngest in mine. My parents only have one grandchild, and he is 16 now! So in a way, Haley is definitely "new" to my parents as well. They have to start all over again. Anyhow, Sandra, Ian's mom, got carried away at a Carter's outlet and here are some of the clothes Haley got. It is all adorable and I can't wait to see my child in them!!!

Joey wants Haley to get here too!

Haley got some fun toys and gifts from her aunts and uncles too!

Ian and I also received a fabulous video camera from his parents to take lots of videos of Haley since they don't live very close by. We were so grateful! Once I figure out how to upload the videos to the computer, I'll start getting some up here. I told Ian we had to do a "Baby Story" now (for all you TLC lovers). We'll see if that actually happens...

Probably one of the most creative Christmas gifts, and coolest, that I recieved was this frame from my great friend Christy. We had gathered the idea from a friend of ours who had one in her house, and we totally decided to steal it and do it for Haley's room. I am so glad we did, I really feel like it will be the centerpeice of the room.

The photos were taken around Columbia at different venues and businesses. It was fun trying to guess where each letter came from, but I was only able to figure out one. I need to get out more I guess! When Haley is born, the 6th frame will be filled with her newborn photo. As she gets older, the photo can be updated through the years and always stay with her. I absolutely love it. Thank you Christy!!!

In other news, the baby room is FINALLY getting underway. *sigh of relief* I recieved the dresser and drapes the other day, and we got a bookcase for her toys and books at Target. The crib should have been here by now, but unexpectedly, the crib company called 7 weeks later to tell us they no longer manufactured it! SAY WHAT??? Terrible customer service on their part. They said they could give us the Expresso crib, which is really dark wood and looks almost black (what we originally wanted). Well, after a good long cry, we took them up on the offer. But this threw off the whole black and white idea, so instead, I went with Espresso furniture, and pale lavender walls. And I'm so excited. I think when all is said and done, its going to look absolutely beautiful. Ian and I are painting today, if I can ever get him out of bed. Here are some small tidbits of the room:

Haley's college savings fund



I can't wait for it to all pull together!

Well, I have an eventful weekend coming up: two baby showers in St. Louis! I can't wait to see all my family and friends. It's going to be a very emotional weekend for me, I can feel it already!

I don't like making promises anymore, but I can tell you there will be a lot more to post and talk about in the coming months as the end gets near. Stay tuned!

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The DeVries' said...

I love that piece of artwork for Haley. It is so adorable! I thought of you yesterday b/c we bought two new nightstands and the name of the line was Haley :) Have fun at your showers this weekend!! Hope you gets lots of cute and useful stuff! Can't wait to see the nursery--it will be so cute! Happy New Year!